The Innisfree Poetry Journal

by Hiram Larew


Iím not a box of chocolates
And Iím not a pond out in the middle

of a lake
Or a rocket shooting off to somewhere
Iím right here right now
And simply put
Paying attention
To whatís against everything I was ever taughtó
Even the beauty of fevers
Iím also finding out that thereís nothing shameful
about twice
Iíve always been twice
(So have you)
In the big scheme of things
Most of what has to get done once wonít
Be it hot or cold
Unless something else really catches
So I would like to dedicate this tooth
This rhyme
To everything that catches
In the hopes that my stories such as they are
Will get golder over time.


The boy who was there
Will always be the boy who
was there
He was not there at all but was there
to remember
And was gone as if he had never been there
or about
But was here near the near of tomorrow
Coming nearer to here or then there

He was the boy of tomorrow and
never was there
Or could be about but in all of
tomorrow he was the boy
Who was there and will always be
near as if
Tomorrow was here
So he was tomorrow not always
And he was the boy who
will always be here
Nearer and nearer to there.

© Copyright 2006-7 by Cook Communication