The Innisfree Poetry Journal

by Heidi Mordhorst


(for Lynn Thomas Strauss on the occasion of her leavetaking from River Road Unitarian Church, with great gratitude for poetry in the pulpit)

Hear this:
Our days do not unfold
in a series of arguments
all lined up like so many
pairs of socks, matched
and smoothed and rolled together:
yes/no   more/less   then/now   us/them   all/nothing

No, we live through ebb and flow, through thrash and tumble,
like water filling and draining
in the washing machine,
like socks and skirts and scarves and shorts and shirts all
rolling around, tangled and wrinkled
in the hot dryer,
with the occasional sneaker thumping loudly,
unpredictably inside our hearts.

“The work of the artist is
to render the invisible.”
The work of the preacher is
to render the inaudible.
This tangled, wrinkled
thumping—we need to
hear this.

© Copyright 2006-7 by Cook Communication