Michael Davis


I am love
and I am hell.

Stay away from the blue flame.
Donít reach for the overhanging
pot-handle. Beware
the sizzling bacon grease
that will snap into your eye
and leave you
crying on the counter.
Get off the counter!
Get in your seat!

But where else will you heat
your polenta, water,
chicken stock? Where will your puddings
thicken, your perch
poach, peas simmer?
Under the simple gaze of the renegade sun?

You canít escape me. Iíll be the first
thing that comes to mind
as the family car slides
into the drive of the beach house.
Did we leave the gas on?

My belly is full of your bellyful
of cookies. But keep your head out
and see to it that the pilotís lit
or itís curtains, whether you expect
them or not. And donít just sit there--
stick that bone out for the witch
so sheíll think youíre not yet fat enough
for the oven and slide in another tray
of snickerdoodles instead of you.

If they burn around the edges,
remember itís a dog eat biscuit,
boy eat bunny, family sit down
to a bowl of soup and loaf of bread world.

Sssssssss. When Iím hot, Iím on.
Donít you forget it.

Michael Davis
Michael Davis is the author of "Upon Waking," a chapbook published in 1999 by Mica Press. His work has appeared in Lip Service, Poet Lore, and the anthologies Open Door, Cabin Fever, and Winners. He has read his work extensively in the Washington D.C. area and participates in the Arlington County Pick-a-Poet program, teaching poetry in county schools.



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