Laurie Hurvitz


omigod in the bedroom
the foxhole

philosophers, old women
at mahjong tables, debate
the second o in good

the ocean bobber
at the end of the rope
grabs a lifesaver, holds
the white spot as the last
speck, or the circle expanding

and the void is a hole
or it's whole with an o
at the core

Laurie Hurvitz
Laurie Hurvitz’s poetry has been published in the Christian Science Monitor, Innisfree, Minimus, Poet Lore and an anthology published by the Women of Reform Judaism.   Her poetry has been selected for display in the Poetry Gallery of  the Montgomery County (Maryland) Executive Office Building and for a Poetry Bench commissioned by The Public Arts Trust of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.  She is an attorney currently working at a financial firm.   She lives in Bethesda, Maryland, with her husband and two children.



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