John Bush

Like Hopper's "Sun in an Empty Room"
The light slips between green curtains and
Rectangles across three pictures on the wall,
And in these she strolls out down a gravel road--
She's on the tray of the world
Her tiny fingers wrapped around twigs of Mountain Laurel,
Those flowers of a perfect geometry,
Flowers like stars with five points of lightness.
Her hair curls like taffy, swings as she walks,
Tumbles in on itself the way water falls.
And she watches the outside of the road
Running her eye along the horizon
Walking into the distance of the world
With the breeze folded neatly in the palms
Of her hands.

John Bush
John Bush's poems have appeared in 2River View, Story South, The Paumanok Review, Del Sol Review, Thunder Sandwich, and elsewhere.  His interviews with Peter Elbow, Billy Collins, and Lee Odell appear in Critique Magazine and at WoW Net.



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