JoAnne Growney


A stand of poplars is a self-assembling
solar-powered pump-and-treat
ground-water protection system.
Brake ferns filter arsenic from soil;
Indian mustard absorbs lead.
Sunflowers reduce strontium levels.

An uncommon man or singular woman
buffers the malice of others, keeps
the rest of us from tilting the world.



JoAnne Growney

Poet and teacher JoAnne Growney recently moved from Pennsylvania to Silver Spring, Maryland.  She has read her work at the Miller Cabin in Rock Creek Park and in the Nora School reading series.  Her poetry appears in DC-area journals, including Divided City and Innisfree;  in April 2006, Paper Kite Press published her collection, My Dance is Mathematics.  JoAnne loves and has taught both writing and mathematics.  In Silver Spring, she offers poetry workshops at the Eastern Avenue Drop-In Center and works with Heliport Gallery to coordinate poetry events with gallery exhibits.  Samples of her collaborative work (art-poetry, math-poetry, Romanian poetry, and so on) are available at her website,



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