Davide Trame


Big barge, full of sand to the brim,
now it leaves in the sunlight
from the new causeway they are building,
from the loud scattering of stones on stones.
It leaves, itís time, itís noon,
the spacing stillness of midday arrives,
and the bright silent breeze,
the sweeping breath of the sea only.

But the barge is heavy and slow,
it canít be in a hurry.
And you like its way of leaving after all,
maybe itís not leaving at all.
It looks almost still, itís what
you would like to be,
a gaze standing, never ending
like the sound of its engine drone,

what you know of silence:
while a white-rimmed wake widens
behind the stern
the airís sunlit throat hums
holding its breath effortlessly
and the horizon is always far off.

Davide Trame
Davide Trame's poetry collection Re-emerging is published as an email book by  He is an Italian teacher of English in Venice, Italy, who has been writing exclusively in English since 1993.



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